Gifted and Talented 2013-14

Science Day at the TIC Centre

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The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch

Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch from Tracey Wyatt on Vimeo.



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Welcome to the gifted and talented page at Horwich Parish. Keep up to date with the latest challenges we provide for our children to keep them on their toes and become the brains of our future! Please leave a comment!

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 Learn From You Club

Children were selected after completing a lesson plan to teach other children their skill or talent. Here are the successful ‘teachers’. A lot of hard work and effort went in to all the lessons and thank you to the children who attended the lessons!

Gymnastic Balances by Imogen
yoga/gymnastic balances lesson by Imogen on PhotoPeach

Thai Boxing by Jessica on PhotoPeach

Magic Lesson by Robert on PhotoPeach

Origami Lesson by Sophie and Amy on PhotoPeach